“The Limited Edition Original Manhattan Table project started with a true passion for the city. A passion that would never leave me. Every day I’d walk down from 10th and Avenue B to Prince and Wooster. It was like an urban exploration where different days took me down different streets. My horizon grew block by block and I never got tired of it. The city never slept and every single morning you'd wake up to new opportunities.

The smell of candied nuts, the noise and mix of different sirens, all the determined people - with their striving and focus, and finally the peace and quiet up in Central Park. I carry all of this with me wherever  I am in the world. New York is in my blood forever.

The Table itself is a tribute to the city but also a playground. It will help you remember all your personal explorations and escapades. Hopefully you'll be happy, just looking at it. Just like me."




The above quote is from designer and breakthrough artist Kristoffer Sundlin. Born in Stockholm, Sweden. Living and working in Stockholm, New York and Los Angeles.

His art stretches from custom cars and bikes to paintings and sculptures. The Manhattan Table was born on a 7A Café napkin back in 1999. It took several years before the idea became a prototype but today a woodworking shop in Stockholm crafts numbered tables and ships them anywhere in the world, free of charge.

Click here if you want to read more about the table or here if you'd like to check out the pictures.

The Limited Edition Original Manhattan Table. All rights reserved 2013. US Design Patent Pending, No 29/457,287